The Condom Factory

The About Us page of our shop is vital because it’s apparently where users go when first trying to determine a level of trust. Since trust is such an important part of selling online, we're supposed to give people a fair amount information about ourselves and our shop. So:

  • We are part of Result Media Limited an online marketing company that runs several websites such as and a site about Magaluf.
  • We set up The Condom Factory for fun as we wanted to test a number of online marketing strategies and wondered if we could make an ecommerce store work.
  • The site has been live since 2004, we would show you some of the old designs of the site, but website designs have evolved and some of them don't look so good now!
  • Has it been fun, we'll i'm not sure packing condoms into brown envelopes called be fun. We have learned lots and sold lots of condoms to people. 
  • We've upset a few people on the way, usually when orders go wandering! I'm sure a few more packets will never arrive. We are humans and require other humans to deliver things for us.
Feel free to get intouch if you'd like to know more. Or follow us on twitter and facebook.....we may just have some fun there soon.

The Condom Factory

The Condom Factory have been supplying brandname condoms in the UK since 2004. Free UK Delivery for all orders over £12.50 All our products delivered discreetly in their retail boxes


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